Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KidLitCon 2012

Every year (for the past 6 years) there is a gathering -- in person -- of bloggers who write about children's books.  This year it was in New York City, hosted by the wonderful Fuse #8, otherwise known as Elizabeth Bird, head of Children's Librarians at the New York City Public Library and co-hosted by Monica Edinger who blogs at Educating Alice.  (click on their names to get directly to their conference reports/ click on their blog names for their latest blog entries.)

Where was it held?  At the world famous New York City Library central branch.  You know -- the one with the Lions? (yes, the last time I was in NYC, the first thing I did was get a picture of me standing by one of those lions -- it's required.) Click over here to get a peek at all the wonderfulness of the conference.

A few years ago I attended and spoke on a panel at the KidLitCon gathering in Washington, DC when I used to live near there, and can't wait until they hold one in or near San Diego where I now live.  If you blog, read blogs, or are an author, this conference always offers interesting and useful discussions.  So do plan to go next year.


laurasalas said...

I went when they had it here in Minneapolis a few years ago. I'm really trying to blog more purposefully now, and I hope to get back to Kidlitcon in the next few years. Did they announce where it will be in 2013?

WendieO said...

No. I have no idea. I've asked the KidlithoSphere group several times, but no one has responded to my query as to where the next one will be held. The closest response I've gotten is that it'll probably be somewhere in the middle of the country. They try to take turns holding it on each coast and the middle.