Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy day/ busy week to come

Busy, busy, busy.
Today I gave a storytime and told several Pre-K classes about the Summer Reading Program. Tomorrow the whole school. Wednesday, another school. Thursday, I need to plan all the programs for September, October, November because I have just Thursday and Friday to get them into the database. In addition I'll begin the set-up for Summer Reading -- just two weeks until it begins.

No, there's no pressure/ stress when you're a children's librarian.
All those fun programs we enjoy doing, need to be planned four months ahead.
December. Do you realize I just finalized the date of the Santa Brunch? Yup. And I have to set up all the preparation for it now -- because it gets advertised in the Fall program guide.

Today, I also gave two other librarians an overview of what they need to know about doing Summer Reading Program visits to schools, because these other two have never done them.

Stress --
I arrived back at work between Pre-K visits to get the message that my fabulous College age Summer Reading Program assistant was in an accident and now can't work! Yikes. Can we do this summer without her? (no) Can we get a replacement quickly? (maybe)

Went off to the next Pre-K visit. When I came back -- there was my Summer Reading Assistant. She'd heard that I was panicking (who me?) and came to assure me that she'd be able to report to work on the end of the week -- she just can't work for a few days. Whew! Stress relieved.

And that was my Monday. How was yours?

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