Monday, June 23, 2008

Nonfiction Monday -- Flip, Float, Fly, Seeds on the Move

Flip, Float, Fly, Seeds on the Move by JoAnn Early Macken, Illustrated by Pam Paparone, Holiday House, 2008

"Take a breath and blow on a fuzzy dandelion. Whee!"
Who of us hasn't done this?

And when You grew up, did you scold your own children for doing this? After all, the fun of blowing a cloud of dandelion seeds has concenquences -- it helps scatter the seeds so that more dandelions can grow, far enough from the mother plant so they don't crowd each other.

That's the theme of this book. How plants make sure their seeds scatter to new places. Large double page illustrations show how each type of seed manages to find new homes. From maple tree helicopters and exploding seedpods, to the hooks on the Burdock seeds that attach themselves to clothing and fur.

Available now. -wendieO

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