Saturday, June 7, 2008

Things to ponder

(It's hot (95 degrees) and I this is the first day I put the air-conditioning on. I also have an 8-year old in the house, waiting until it's time to go to her gymnastic tournament. So far she has painted several pictures, been on the computer, watched TV and part of a DVD, and has eaten yogurt.) (note from later -- she won two third place medals, two fourth place medals and a fifth place ribbon!)

I was just wondering:

Why are children so cheerful in the morning?
We can hardly drag ourselves from bed, but the 8-year old is there -- pulling on our arms, making sure we get up. She wants to go to the before-school-care early. That way she can do crafts until bus time. Wake up. Wake up.

Why can't children understand about air conditioning?
I spent several hours this morning cleaning the air conditioners, closing windows and doors, cleaning fans. Finally all was ready and I turned the air conditioners on.
No sooner than I had done so, than the 8-year old opened doors and windows -- she had been practicing gymnastics in the living room and was "hot" and wanted a cool breeze.
Then she went upstairs into her room and closed the door.
By the time I discovered her bedroom door closed, her room was 20 degrees hotter than the hallway.
Opened bedroom doors.
Close windows and the doors to the sunporch.

Why don't children go to sleep at night?
I actually had a teacher call to scold me about one of my children not getting enough sleep at night. Was I keeping her up too late? Sorry lady, I get the kids to bed. They're the ones who refuse to actually GO TO SLEEP. And the 8-year old? yup. She reads at night. By the light of the lamp post. By the light of a half-working flashlight that I thought I had thrown away long ago. By the light of a thing she got from McDonalds -- looks like a compact but has a light in it instead of face powder.
Should I object that she's reading?
(Mostly I scold her for staying up late and ignore the reading part -- I'm usually in favor of reading.)

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