Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is Friday the 13th

Oh my.
Friday the 13 has always been an up and down day for me. Not that I believe it's an unlucky number, but...

Lucky =
I have 13 books published.

Unlucky =
When I arrived at work today, I found myself the only librarian there. The other librarian scheduled to work had sick children.

Lucky =
We keep a list of people who are willing to substitute/ to fill in when we have vacations or sickness.

Unlucky =
I called every one on the list and every one of them had a reason they could not come in and work today.

Lucky =
One of the substitutes reconsidered. Even though she lives almost a hour away, she said she could make it to my library by 1:00. Fine! Wonderful! I could manage to wait for my lunch break until then.
(She also was a great help while the Summer Reading Program Assistant and I rushed around doing the final touches getting ready for the training of the teen volunteers on Saturday and the beginning of Summer Reading on Monday.)

But the most LUCKY thing of all?
A bit of background information. Another blog, called Buried in the Slush Pile, is written by an editor of a small press in Texas. A week ago she held a contest -- send her a pitch for a book. The winning pitches would be invited to submit to her publishing company.

She said she'd notify us by e-mail on Thursday. I checked my mail on Thursday, but nothing. Checked her blog and discovered she had to put off notifying us until Friday. This morning I checked my e-mail and just about jumped out of my computer chair. Not only had I been asked to submit my manuscript -- but she said:
"You are my grand prize winner."

!!! I ran down the hall, rapped on the bathroom door and shouted the news to my husband. (who promptly cut himself shaving.) Just a little bit excited (and flattered by her comments in the e-mail) was I.

So, Friday the 13th was again, an up and down day.


Anonymous said...

Yay, for you!!!!!

I'm so glad you stop by my blog, and I love yours! It's great to see your picture. We've "known" each other for such a long time online.

Anonymous said...

okay - how weird is it that I went through the ENTIRE day of Friday the 13th and never put the date in my brain? Guess it's a good thing I'm not too worried about bad luck. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Wendie! Good luck with the submission!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wendie! Congratulations! Overall, an UP day for you:>)

Keep us posted!