Friday, May 29, 2009

Been there, done that

I had a good laugh at a recent SLUSHPILE cartoon. (a series of cartoons about the life of a children's book writer.)

This one showes the author of bunny books at a school visit where a child tells the author that he loves all of the author's books. What's his favorite? Where the Pigeon wants to drive the bus. (ooops, wrong author)

Been there/ done that.

Wa-a-ay back in 2003, when TO FLY won all those literary awards, I was invited to make author visits to schools and libraries like crazy. But I never knew how to respond to the joyful teachers and students who said they loved my book, as they pointed to a poster on the wall advertising that other guy's Wright brothers' book -- you know, the one that won the $10,000 James Madison award.
(Literary awards only give you silver plates or paper certificates.)

Lisa Yee did a wonderful post on her blog some time ago about the time she showed up for a booksigning, only to discover all the books on her booksigning table were books by a Lisa SEE!

Here is a link to Lisa Yee's wonderful blog. I'm sorry that I couldn't find the exact post about her author mix-up (I've spent too much time trying to find it--and I simply can't), but enjoy viewing her blog anyway.

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