Thursday, May 7, 2009

"NaPiBoWriWee" comes to a close

Well, did you make it?
Did you write seven picture books in seven days.
They didn't have to be complete. They didn't have to be good. They just had to be different -- one a day.
They could be short. Look at my 'Busy' Books -- about 90 words (Fingers is longer) and still best sellers for my publisher.
They could be long -- over a thousand words. To Fly is over 3,000 words.

Was one of yours an alphabet book? Not as easy as you first thought, was it? Did it pass the Q and X test? Those are the most difficult parts of an alphabet book to do. And yet, it's not a complete alphabet book without them. (Wasn't there a recent picture book about the alphabet looking for these two lost letters? If not, maybe you could write it.)

Did you follow along with the encouraging posts at The Three Silly Chicks' blog? Or did you keep up with what everyone else was doing at Paula Yoo's blog?

Now, of course comes the hard part -- REVISION -- where you get to take this core of a story and build a picture book around it.


Corey Schwartz said...

I gave it a go. Four in the first four days. Then circumstances and prior commitments got in the way. Next year, I am leaving that week clear!

Wendie O said...

Four in a week is great! -wendieO