Saturday, May 30, 2009


The nine-year-old ended her gymnastic lessons with a bang today at the Recreational Fun Spring Fling -- earning a second place, a third place, and two fourth places. It helps that the very smart instructors put them in groups of five, so that everyone would earn some sort of medal.

Where was she actually in the over-all?
Nicely in the middle of the pack -- not the worst gymnast, but not the best either.

Her six-year-old sister (half-sister) is visiting and got to see the event. She loves seeing her big sister perform in sports or dance. However, this year the six-year-old (almost seven, don'tyouknow) spent the whole time either showing me that SHE could do 'that' (luckily the show was not over-crowded which gave her space to try her gymnastic stunts near our seat) or else declaring that she'd never be able to do 'THAT.'

Now for strawberries and ice cream over cake.
And then to bed.

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