Sunday, May 10, 2009

Piano recital

The 9-year old had her piano recital today. Hurrah! It went well and now we can relax a bit. Since she chose the May recital rather than the June one, I warned her that she was in for several intense weeks of practicing. She even skipped her gymnastic class so that she could get an extra practice in.

She's so frustrated. She creates new pieces of music, but doesn't have the knowledge to be able to write it down. This year her created music is technically more intricate than last year's. See -- I told her -- the more you know about playing piano, the better your composition is.

Her other frustration is that she wants to add things to her assigned pieces, "because they sound better that way." True, they do sound better that way, but we insisted she play the pieces as written for the recital.

On another note -- the new kitten is more of a monster cat than ever. Attacking people, attacking food, and having nap attacks. What a life. -wendieO

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