Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy week -- and it's only Tuesday

Life during May has been, and is, busy - busy.
Besides the ongoing project of tagging all the library books with RFID tags, it's also the season for children's librarians to go out and visit the local schools, telling all the students about the Summer Reading Programs at the public libraries.

After talking to 8 groups, I came back to the library branch today and sat down at my office computer to type up a list of the books I talked about -- to be stored in the library and a copy sent to the school. BUT, I discovered that my computer had decided that it no longer wanted to talk to the network.
Dead computer.
Thanks to the kindness of a co-worker, I was able to type the list on her computer. (My computer was still not fixed by the time I went home. I'm hoping it will either cure itself overnight, or the IT people will come before I get to work and figure out what's wrong with it.)

I wanted to get those books out on display before school let out -- because I always tell the kids that the first ones to get to the library will be able to check them out. The rest will have to put a reserve on the title and we'll get copies from another branch for them. I always grab interesting new items (a Playaway/ a book in a round format) -- nonfiction as well as fiction to take to the schools.

With any luck, those books will all be checked out soon and I'll have to gather others to show to the next school. -wendie old

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laurasalas said...

I do love hearing about your librarian duties and the things you do to get kids EXCITED about reading.

You rock, Wendie!

Hope your computer is fixed now...