Monday, October 19, 2009

Nonfiction Monday -- Building a Bridge

Building a Bridge by JoAnn Early Macken. A Pebble Plus/ Construction Zone book from Capstone Press, 2009.

An easy reading book showing how a suspension bridge was built. Okay, there are a couple of words that are not easy, but children can ask an adult what 'suspension' is, and then will love saying the word over and over.

Huge photographs of every stage of the construction bleed to the edges and sometimes even onto part of the left hand, double spread. The few large-type sentences are divided into four or five word phrases on the left hand of the double page spread. An artist has even labeled particular parts of the photographs, to point out special features such as the location of the "tower crane."

Construction sites are fascinating to all ages. I know I want to stop and watch things being built, just like I did at age 4 or 5. If I have to use the excuse of "showing it to my grandchildren," why not? I know the grandchildren will be just as fascinated. Books like this take you to construction sites from the comfort of your own home.

Adults reading the book, or having the child read to them, might wonder just where this bridge was built. I did. I kept looking at the city in the background of the pictures, trying to guess the location. The book never says.

Glossary and Index
Read more (easy reading bridge books, not older, more detailed books)
Plus -- Internet Sites as guided by something called FactHound. Hmm. Click on that word in the last sentence and explore it yourself. Evidently you need to type in this books's number = 9781429622578 = to reach safe internet sites related to this book.

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