Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two things to celebrate

Yesterday was an important day for us.

-- Two years ago we adopted our granddaughter. To celebrate, we took her out to Baskins Robbins for Ice cream and for some reason, she had a stomach ache last night.
It couldn't have been the sundae, could it?
Bananas. A scoop of pumpkin ice cream. A scoop of cookies and cream ice cream. Strawberry topping with whipped cream on top. No cherry. She doesn't like cherries. I have to say that it looked like more than my stomach could hold.

-- Three years ago, my husband stopped smoking!
He had tried before, but had gone back to smoking. This time it's for keeps. He hasn't smoked for three years. Not that he hasn't wanted to -- every so often stress gets him down and he really, really wants a cigarette. But he resisted and now it's been three years.

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laurasalas said...

Hurray on both counts, Wendie! It's great to celebrate...