Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday at Williamsburg

Well, I failed to keep with the vacation theme.

The girls took off with a Williamsburg day camp this morning -- heavy with crafts and apprentice work, giving me a morning off. It just so happened that I brought research material for my ongoing writing project.
Yes, I spent time writing -- on my vacation.
Does it count if I say I'm writing about someone who lived near Colonial Williamsburg?

Suddenly, it was noon, time to find the bus into the colonial area of town.
A quick stop at Market Square for lunch.
Hmmm, a problem. The storm last night had knocked off all the electricity for that half of the town. No restaurants could serve hot meals. No problem. I got a yummy ham sandwich, again.

Then it was a race to get to Chowning's Tavern garden to meet the girls.
First they wanted to see the Blacksmith.
Then, on our way to the Governor's palace, we stopped at the Booth Theatre to see several plays. Comedy, of course.
A quick trip through the maze behind the palace and then back to the hotel and the POOL. (yes, another hot day)

I"m hoping to finally get everyone to bed early.
Jamestown tomorrow. -WendieO


Sally said...

ironic that a restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg should be inconvenienced by the lack of electricity . . .

Peni R. Griffin said...

Yeah, you'd think they'd have wood fires.

Don't worry, as long as you're doing from moment to moment exactly what you choose to do, you're on vacation.