Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to get School Visits

If you're an author looking for ways to Capitalize on your fame (slight as it may be) as a writer or illustrator of children's books, one of those ways is to do School Visits. Schools will pay to bring in entertainers who may have only a slight educational value. Why not convince them that inviting an author or illustrator, a person who actually USES those skills that schools teach, would be extremely educational for their students?

Fear not.
A website/ blog has been established by the School Visit Queen of them all -- Alexis O'Neill. (You've already been reading her column about school visits in the SCBWI Bulletin, haven't you?)

Her website and blog, aptly called School Visit Experts dot com, discusses the many ways you can improve your presentation and convince schools that YOU are exactly the author/ illustrator they want to invite.

(and pay. Don't forget Payment. Some authors/ illustrators earn more from school visits than they get in royalties from their books.)

Click on over and then bookmark this site!

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