Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday at Williamsburg

We were sad to leave the Woodlands hotel today in Williamsburg. We packed the car with our stuff, then spent time at the Williamsburg Visitor Center which is also on the hotel property. Since we had missed some of the Revolutionary City reenactments in the Colonial area, I wanted the kids to see the movie at the Center which shows one man coming to the decision to side with the Rebels. (I had forgotten how clunky it was, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.)

Then, on to Jamestown. We went to the re-created Settlement area. (Several years ago, the 10-year-old and I went to Jamestown Park and visited the actual Jamestown site, while I studied the possibility of writing something for the 400th Anniversary of the first English settlement here.)

The girls loved the Powhatan Village. They ground corn meal, scraped hair off a stretched hide, and twisted long grass to make rope. The 10-year-old is now wearing her rope as an ankle bracelet. Then they clambered all over two of the three ships which carried the Jamestown settlers (invaders?) to the area. They didn't find the reconstructed fort area as interesting.

Arrived home by 10 pm.
Nite all.
Very tired. -wendieO

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