Monday, August 16, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument by Kristin Nelson, Lerner Publications Company, 2011, but available now.

(Oh, why did they make this book copyright 2011 when it's actually summer of 2010? I'll never understand it.)

Since I live near Washington, DC and see this monument quite often, and since I learned a lot about it while writing my biography of George Washington, naturally I scooped it off the New Books shelf as soon as it arrived in the library branch.

Let's see. How did Kristin do with her Washington Monument facts?
It's the tallest building around? Check.

The capitol city of the United States is named for George Washington? Check.

He was a military hero and the first president of the United States? (hmmm. not exactly, but when you are writing a book with one sentence per page, I guess you have to condense things. No time to discuss that there was a president of the confederation of states that existed before the United States was formed.)

They stopped building the monument about one third done because the money ran out? Check. (Nice photo of the completed monument showing the line that marks the end of one type of marble and the beginning of another type of marble.)

Nice photo view of the Smithsonian mall all the way over to the Capitol building, taken from the tippy top of the monument. Check.

Easy reading. Nice map of the National Mall. Fun Facts. (did you know it sways in the wind? slightly.) Glossary and Further Reading. Index.

This is part of a series called Famous Places which is part of Lightning Bolt Books.
Another book that arrived in our library at the same time by Kristin Nelson in this series is -- The Lincoln Memorial.
Many more are available or coming out soon.
Hmmm. Interesting. Also available in paperback.

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