Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, the East Coast gets hit again with snow.
Yesterday the library opened late and closed early. As per tradition, they closed the moment that it would be the most difficult to get home.

"Library's closing at 5:00pm." It seemed like a logical time. Especially since a group of workers had to complete an online training program which was being offered at 4:00. But -- from 4:15 on, customers were telling us that it was now raining. That it was now sleet with rain.

When we finally closed the library, we stepped out onto ice-covered sidewalks.
Back we went to get the Ice-Melt.
Sprinkled Ice-Melt in a path to our cars.
Back we went to get our bags and off we trudged to the cars.
By the time I reached Route 40, it was Slain. (Snow mixed with rain.)
by the time I reached the exit to the Whitemarsh bypass, it was a blizzard. And slippery.

Well, I did all right. I just kept moving along at 30 miles an hour. Then 20 miles an hour. Then... well, you get the picture. Other people who gunned their cars to move away when the lights turned green ended up fish-tailing all over the road.

On the other hand, I couldn't see the dotted lines, so for a while I was weaving all over the road. Finally, when I reached a pack of traffic (does traffic travel in packs?), I was able to stay in my own lane, following the lights of the car(s) ahead.

I refused to take my normal exit -- which is an uphill exit ending in a stoplight. Instead, I took the next exit which is a downhill exit leading to a smooth ride to my home.
It only took an hour to drive what is usually a 25 minute trip from work to home.

We got over a foot of snow -- wet, heavy snow. But most of the shoveling is done because my husband had put the snowplow onto the lawn mower and worked on plowing the driveway and the 100 foot brick walk until the snow ended later in the evening. Today, we're just doing touch-up.
Our Steps leading from all 3 doors.
the ends of the driveway where the city snowplows have pushed (and keep on pushing) piles of snow.
Around the trash cans.
A path to the bird feeders. (The birds feeders are snow-covered and they only have one access point to the seeds. Gotta uncover the others.)
The 300+ feet of sidewalk along the road.

We still have electricity.
None of our trees fell. I've heard about several falling on friend's cars, already.
Life is good.
Snowy, but good.

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