Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Reading Aloud to Kids encourages the love of Reading

You might be interested in a new blog being set up by author, Rick Walton, called Why Read Aloud.

He decided that one of the easiest way to collect stories about how being read to by your teacher affected you, or about how you reading to students has made an impact on them was to set up a blog and to let people write these stories in the comment section.
Do you have a story to tell? Just click on the link above.

Keeping in mind that you are giving permission for someone to eventually take the stories and create an e-book of them.
you could simply point people to the blog, if they needed data about how effective this type of teaching is.
Who knows, we might help change the education system back to a system that encourages people to enjoy reading.
What's your story?

-wendie old, writer, librarian, grandmother (another one coming soon. This week, maybe)

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