Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vermont College of Fine Arts

here I am at Vermont College of Fine Arts -- have been here a WEEK now. And all my good intentions have flown away.
I intended to post every day, offering tidbits and quotes from the amazing lectures about writing children's books.

What have I really done?
Taken a nap every day just to keep up with everything that's been happening. It's amazing how tired you can get just sitting there, taking notes. And walking from building to building in 10 degree weather (sometimes through a snowstorm) to get to the next lecture, meeting, reading, etc.

Meanwhile, there is a group of students and grads who are blogging about this Residency at Vermont College. Go visit the blog, Through the Tollbooth for your taste of all the wonderfullness here. and keep checking back, because there may be more posts about it in the weeks ahead.

On another note, we were thrilled to watch the ALA awards on Monday as a group, in the presence of one of the award winners. Many of us also took time out of our busy schedule to see the Newbery and Caldecott winners appear on the Today Show Tuesday morning-- a tradition going back for decades.

But they weren't there.

The Today Show has dropped that segment.
For many reasons.
(and what a loss to the book reading public it is.)

Click on through to Eric Kimmel's blog to see his view of this astonishing television decision.

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