Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amanda Old is now Amanda Brunke

I've been across the country the past few days -- to Washington State -- for my youngest daughter's wedding. (blog entries during those days were written earlier and then scheduled to appear during that time.) Since her new husband is part Native American, it was a Native American ceremony in a circle in the woods on his family's property near Olympia, Washington.

Picture 1 is Kevin waiting in the ritual circle (cedar chips/ lovely smell) for Amanda to walk down the path, flower girl in front strewing
buttercups. You can see his brother and four nephews, two of which were ring bearers. In front of him is the blanket with the ritual herbs and Owl feathers for the ceremony.
On the tree stump is Kevin's clock which became part of the ceremony.

Picture 2 is the ring ceremony.

Picture 3 is the blanket ceremony. The two oldest females, I referred to as "The Moms," wrapped a blanket around the couple and then smoke from the burning herbs were blown at the couple
and then around the circle at each person
to seal the ceremony.

Who were the Moms? Well, I was one of them. Kevins's aunt was the other.

Although we were near the volcano, Mount Rainier, we couldn't prove that because the silly mountain never showed its face. We finally saw it from the plane as we were leaving.

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