Monday, June 20, 2011

Nonfiction Monday and writing exercise

Nonfiction Monday is located at Geo Librarian today.

I just wanted to share a true story that I wrote as one of my Packet 5 assignments for Vermont College. The assignment was -- Write a one sentence paragraph of at at least 150 words. And here's what I wrote:

So there we are at the dinning room table with the family all gathered around to meet my new boyfriend, the guy who asked me to marry him believe it or not, and as usual Sandy and Don are sitting on the other side from me carrying on, which they do all the time, with Don grabbing Sandy’s arm, placing it around his neck and screaming that she’s choking him while all the time Sandy is trying to remove her arm from his neck but he has too strong a grip on it and keeps shoving it towards his throat and they keep on yelling and all of this rumpus across the table from me (and my boyfriend, soon to be husband) ends in the usual way with ‘someone,’ I won’t say just who, knocking over their milk and the milk streaming across the table into my lap and me reacting in the usual way with TOTAL embarrassment.

(Marion if you are reading this, you know WHO spilt the milk.)


Karen Dull said...

Did Chip still want to marry you and what did he think after this event about your siblings.

WendieO said...

Chip ended up teasing me for years about how he was having second thoughts after meeting my noisy, active siblings. -w