Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blog -- Blue Rose Girls

Another blog I like to keep up with is a blog jointly written called Blue Rose Girls, created by a group of friends who one day decided to create a blog together. It's not a blog of writers. It's not a blog of illustrators. It's not a blog of editors. IT'S ALL THREE!
Not only that, but there are links to their individual blogs and webpages, as well.

Who are these wonderful people? You just might recognize some of their names:
Anna Alter
Libby Koponen
Grace Lin
Meghan McCarthy
Elaine Magliaro
Linda S. Wingerter
and Alvina. Now, I once knew Alvina's last name, but she doesn't use it on this blog and I have forgotten it. (pssst. she's an editor)

They describe themselves and their blog this way:
In the tradition of the Red Rose Girls, a group of children's book professionals (authors, illustrators, an editor, and one former librarian) discuss everything kidlit related; from industry news and the ever-changing world of publishing to the creative process with all its frustrations and inspirations. Please join us in the discussion!

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