Friday, June 17, 2011

School's out !

School's Out For Summer! (can you hear the rock 'n roll tune?)

The 11-year old just graduated from 5th grade today -- with a Presidential commendation!
Last week and this week have been just packed with various 5th grader events, including a huge gathering for the 5th grade yearbook signing.

Last evening one of her friends took her to get her nails done in celebration. (black nail polish -- but it's acceptable because she had so much glitter and "diamonds" put on it that the nails actually look more silver than black.)

Today, while the rest of the school held last-day, half-day classes, the 5th graders were in the Cafetorium holding their 5th grade farewell ceremony, culminating with a powerpoint of slides of them at various ages.

Now she's at a Graduation Pool Party -- the last gathering of all the 5th graders who attended the after-school care with her. The day care is called A Family Affair.
Tomorrow she attends another Graduation Pool Party.
She'll have her own graduation pool party in a week or two, when things settle down.

School's Out for Summer!

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