Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Semester Relief

It's a good thing I bought a ticket to Vermont for the summer residency, because I PASSED my first semester! My advisor just sent back packet 5 with a nice comment, "good job!"
Are you done? my granddaughter asked.
Sorry, no. Three more semesters to go.

We've had a stretch of very hot weather here in Maryland -- in the 90s and one day it hit over 100 degrees. The new annual flowers I planted have been complaining about the lack of rain.
So, today during the meeting of the swim team (meeting and pot-luck dinner), what do we get? Pouring down rain and thunder and lightning.
(and the promise of cooler weather for the next week -- in the 80s.)

Did the wash of water phase the grill guys?
They stayed at the flaming grill turning out hamburgers and hot dogs while the rest of us huddled under the two pavilions. Yeah, grill guys!

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