Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Writing Exercise

Another writing exercise my advisor gave me was to write a paragraph of 150 words in sentences of 7 words or less. The shorter the better. Here's that one:

We had lost Donny. He was only three years old. He could be anywhere. Dad looked under the table. I ran over to the pool. There he was! Donny had jumped into the water. I could see him wiggling. I jumped in after him. Luckily, the water was three feet deep. Donny tried to get away from me. He was still underwater. I reached in and grabbed him. I lifted him high. The silly boy giggled. He tried to swim in the air. Dad took him from my arms. Donny laughed and laughed. He struggled to get into the water. Dad wouldn’t let him. Dad gave him to me. I led Donny to the swings. We spent time swinging. After that adventure, we gave Donny waterwings.

(Update. Don now swims like a fish – two feet under water all the way. He can’t seem to float.)

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