Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vermont weather followed me home

It can't be Saturday already, can it?
I'm home from Vermont? Yes, it seems that I am.

I can't believe that Vermont weather followed me down to Maryland. Ever since I've been home, it's been below freezing -- going down into the teens at night.

Actually, this freezing weather has been a good thing.
My plane had a layover at LaGuardia airport in New York City. (okay, it was in Queens -- one of the 5 parts of New York City.)
My first thought was, "Oh great. I'm stopping at the bedbug capitol of the USA."

So, I washed every piece of clothing when I got home. And my suitcases, along with the stuff I couldn't wash, are now sitting out in the below freezing weather. I'm determined that any bedbugs who hitched a ride to my home will be frozen bugsicles before I take those suitcases back inside. (yes, I did find a couple.)

Meanwhile, I'm trying to organize my notes, deciding what creative work will be in my first packet, and trying to figure out how to do a critical essay. or two.
(not to mention jumping into a program I have to do my first day back at work.)

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Wendie O said...

My husband tells me that trying to freeze bugs won't work. They just thaw out again to pester us.