Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Manuscript mailed

One thing writers (and other creative people) have to learn is when to stop writing. (creating)
Me- I had a deadline of January 29th to get my manuscript to the organizers of the Vermont College Novel Writing workshop. (held in March) Which meant that I had to count backwards for MY deadline.

Count backwards? Yes.
Guessing how many days it might take the Post Office to get a manuscript packet from Baltimore to Montpelier, VT. If I mail it on this or that day, will it get there in time? Which means the last minute I can revise the thing will be???

Someone once said (and many have repeated it) that creative work isn't ever 'finished.' It's abandoned.
Soooo, I've spent the last week or so re-reading my submission and revising it. Adding to make things more clear. Which means, on the next re-read, I realize that places earlier in the manuscript need tweaking in order to forshadow the change/ additions/ improvements/ revisions that I had made.

Revising the synopsis.
Even rewriting the cover letter.
re-reading the instructions. Do I have everything?
Synopsis -- check
10 to 20 pages for the critique workshop booklet -- check
10 pages plus synopsis for the author/ advisor of the critique workshop -- check
10 pages plus synopsis for the visiting editor -- check
Am I sending more copies than I need to send? (probably)
And on Tuesday, I mailed the thing. (Had to FedEX it because I cut it too close to depend on the Post Office to get it there in time.

Whew! That's done.
(Oh dear, I just thought of something to add to the synopsis.... Too late.)

I'm taking vacation time off for a writing week next week. What piece of writing will I work on then?

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Rondell said...

As a writer myself, I never have problems reaching deadlines. My inspiration be always 4thcoming; I guess that just a talent I have.

N-E-ways, good talking from one writer to another.