Monday, January 25, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- Diggers at Work

Diggers at Work by D.R. Addison. NY: Rosen Publishing Group, Power Kids Press, 2009. Available now.

This is the preschooler's favorite type of construction book -- full bleed photographs of the machine at work. Also the favorite of parent and early readers because of the few words in simple sentences on the opposite page. (I didn't say the words were easy. 'Excavator,' for example. But little ones just love rolling these words around their mouth and showing off to their friends and adult relations.)

This book doesn't just focus on one 'digger.' No, each double page spread either shows a different type of digger or a close-up of their tools.

I can't wait to add this new book to a pile of construction books, tie them with a ribbon, and add them to my groups of book bundles. Book bundles make it easy for parents to Grab and Go with a pile of their kid's favorite books.

This also is availble as an e-Book from the Publisher.
What the heck?
The strong point of this book is the photographs of the diggers. How does that come over in an e-book? Have they invented video e-books, yet?

This is part of the Big Trucks series which include:
Bulldozers at Work
Cement Mixers at Work
Cranes at Work
Garbage Trucks at Work
Tractors at Work

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Mary Ann Dames said...

Kids of all ages LOVE machines, the bigger the better. I had to buy my husband a huge coffeetable book just on the mega-machines. Zoooooooooom in slow motion.

Wendie O said...

Well, that book didn't last long on our shelves. A 3 year old wanted the same Digger book he usually gets. I handed him this one and he was thrilled. (as was his mom)