Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank you Jon Scieszka

On January 5th (this Tuesday), a new Ambassador for Children's Books will be announced by the Library of Congress and the current one, Jon Scieszka, will retire. It's been wonderful having him represent all children's book writers these past two years.
Mary Bowman-Kruhm has written a tribute to him that speaks for all of us. Follow her links to see what Jon has been up to.

A roundup of the many, many bloggers posting messages about the wonderfulness of Jon is located at A Year of Reading Click on through and explore these links.
-wendie O


Mary Lee said...

Wendy, we're doing a round up of Jon Scieszka celebration posts at A Year of Reading:

Want to join us?

Wendie O said...

Thanks, I added your link to the post. -wendieO

Jon Scieszka said...

Thanks for the shout-out Wendie. Keep those books zooming out of your library.

Mary Lee said...

Didn't this turn out to be a fabulous party! And what a dear Mr. S. is to comment on EVERY blog!!!