Friday, January 15, 2010

Writing Weekend -- Yea!

Hmmm. I've always wondered -- when you want to cheer, is it -- Yea! or Yeah! ?

I'm taking a few days off to write. (and am cheating because libraries are closed on the federal Martin Luther King,Jr.'s birthday on Monday. A free day off with the kid at day care. Goodie!)

I find it's always good to make a list or to set goals.
My goals:
-- to work on the dog story so I can send it to Vermont College in time for the Novel workshop deadline. I'm currently reading other dog stories to see how other writers have handled some of the problems I'm running into.
-- to work more on the Pie story.
-- to get some things in the mail to agents and editors.
-- and to mail more late Christmas presents to my relatives. (done. Mailed. yea!)
-- oh, and to pay bills. (That's done, so I can cross it off already.)
-- to check out the sale at Talbots.
-- and buy ice cream from the good ice cream place. (there goes my January diet)

Yes, I'm bopping in and checking off things as I get them done.

Please suggest more dog stories for me to read. I need books for elementary students about real dogs, not talking dogs, and told from the dog's point of view. Do any exist? If not, why not? -wendieO


MotherReader said...

I, Jack by Patricia Finney is a book about a real dog, from the dog's point of view as "told" by the dog. Cute story too.

Wendie O said...

You're right!
I just finished that one. I have both dogs and cats and that book is right on the nose. And funny, too. (Love the footnoted comments by the cats.)

I had to fight the 10 year old to get to read it first. It's her turn now. -wendieO

Sherrie Petersen said...

My friend Val Hobbs wrote a book called "Sheep" that is told from the perspective of a sheep dog. I'm reading it to my kids right now. It won this year's California Young Reader Medal winner in the Intermediate category.

Wendie O said...

I checked my library's catalog and have put it on reserve. -wendieO