Saturday, January 23, 2010

Write the best email you can

Rachelle Gardner, literary agent whose helpful blog is called 'Rants & Ramblings,' has some very good advice about writing the most effective emails. Since a lot of the writing business (contacting publishers or agents, communicating with your editor, etc.) is now conducted by email, it's not only important that we come off looking professional, but that we communicate the purpose of our email well, too.

Click through to check it out.

I have to agree with her point about using a subject line that tells what's in the email. Some years ago I was preparing to travel to a midwest state to give a talk to students about the Wright brothers and writing. I deleted an important email that was sent to tell me what airport would be the closest to their event -- because their subject line only said YOU. Naturally, I thought that it was a strange SPAM email and deleted it.

I'm sure you'll see how her advice applies to almost every email we send. -wendieO

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