Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend Goals reviewed

Well, Time to review my weekend goals.
I said that that during the long weekend I would:

-- to work on the dog story so I can send it to Vermont College in time for the Novel workshop deadline. I'm currently reading other dog stories to see how other writers have handled some of the problems I'm running into.

(I completed the first draft and did some revision. One more time through and then I'll cross my fingers and ship it to the critique workshop.)

-- to work more on the Pie story.
(yes. It's almost there.)

-- to get some things in the mail to agents and editors.
(Failure! I had planned to do this Monday, but life and family obligations intervened.)

-- and to mail more late Christmas presents to my relatives.
(done. Mailed. yea!)

-- oh, and to pay bills.
(That's done, but more bills arrived. Grrrrr.)

-- to check out the sale at Talbots.
(Did -- bought some things that actually fit me.)

-- and buy ice cream from the good ice cream place.
(there goes my January diet)
(Darn it! They were out of my favorite flavor. I'll try again next weekend.)

1 comment:

Mary Ann Dames said...

Brrr, Wendie. Eating ice cream in winter? I guess it works, making your insides and your outside the same temperature.