Saturday, January 9, 2010

Writing news

What have I done lately?
Well, the Christmas holidays put quite a dent in my good intentions.
and then I had two grandkids visiting.

But now I'm getting excited about writing, again.
Today, besides taking the 10-year-old to her new gymnastics class of older girls, I:

1) Worked on that pie story that my Vermont College advisor challenged me to write. (and my VC roommate was kind enough to critique) It's getting into shape and so far I'm pleased with the results.

2) Bought train tickets for a March workshop at Vermont College. Yes, this nonfiction writer and writer of picture books is actually attempting a novel. And I'm going to a novel writing workshop there. (It's a short, lower elementary novel, but still.)

--Vermont is a two hour flight from here, but my usual direct flight plane isn't flying there anymore. I'd have to take several planes -- and then ride a one hour shuttle to the college. So I"m not flying this time.
--And it's a 9 hour car drive. I'm good for a three or four hour drive, but nine hours? Not hardly.
--Which leaves an 11 hour train ride.

But I won't be bored. I'm traveling with a writer friend (who HAS had a novel published) and my handy, dandy computer. It will give us lots of time for good conversation and writing.

Can you tell I'm getting excited about writing again? -wendieO


JoAnn Early Macken said...

Lucky you! Have fun in Vermont!

Mary Ann Dames said...

Wendie, I'm so envious even if I'm not working on a novel. My eyes are turning green.